Bulk Beef

How Pricing Works

Our beef is dry aged for 31-41 days. This long aging process gives a better flavor and increases tenderness for a consistently delicious product. Our method of growing beef makes Wagner Cattle unique and results in superior genetics.

There are three terms you need to know:

Live Weight: The weight of the cow while alive; ~1200-1350 lbs.

Hanging Weight: the weight of the beef after it's butchered but before it is processed into cuts; typically 62-65% of the live weight, ~740-880 lbs. This is the weight used to calculate the cost to you.

Cut Weight: the final weight after the beef has been processed into different cuts; ~75-80% of the Hanging Weight, depending on the fat of the animal. The leaner the product, the higher the percentage number will be - providing a greater amount of cut weight (or take-home product).

All of our beef is priced by hanging weight. Right now, the price is $4.50/lb. 

We require a non-refundable deposit of $250 for eighths and quarters, $500 for halves, and $1200 for whole beef orders paid in advance. Delivery is included within a 60 mile radius.