My father started Wagner Cattle more than 40 years ago, and we are still family-owned and operated. At that time, we raised cattle and sold the animals at auction. My father was always studying the cattle we produced, and, although the technologies of today were not available back then, I remember his copious notes on muscle composition and breeding. Even then, the Wagner cattle operation was obsessed with quality.

As I came to learn and run the business, we transitioned to a cattle operation known for raising and selling premium performance tested bulls. We built partnerships with cattlemen and cattlewomen who would purchase our bulls and, as our genetic research progressed, so did the sophistication of our customers.

The calves that our bulls were siring would consistently push the scales down at weaning, rapidly convert nutritious feed into prime beef—and do it efficiently. The bulls consistently expressed more muscle, and showed better marbling and premium muscle-to-fat ratios, which translated to better tasting beef.

After collecting data on our bulls and their offspring for almost three decades, I decided to expand Wagner Cattle. We now run a fully integrated system, starting with breeding and conception, selecting for targeted outcomes, and finishing with a great end product (a great steak). At Wagner’s facility, stringent USDA requirements are exceeded, and our special aging process takes place to produce the best primal cuts available for purchase by both grocery stores and end consumers.

- Dustan Wagner

Three Generations

My son, Barrett

My mom and dad


Pure bred angus grazing Sudan grass / Red Bud


Cow / Calf Pairs, Red Bud


5 year old Barrett Wagner / 2015 calving season


Spreading manure / freeburg pasture


Haying in Missouri